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Motorsport - Adjustable shock absorber


Standard the BMW K1200RS is executed with a shock absorber of which the pressure of the spring and the hydraulic can be changed. The spring pressure can be adjust with a special tool, the hydraulic with a screwdriver

Schock absorber
Adjusting screw

In practice, once you have adjusted the spring pressure it never will be changed. That is different for the hydraulics of the shock absorber, this I want to adjust more often. When I make a convenience trip, taking the screwdriver, the screw turns to the left (comfort). When a want to ride sportsmanlike, the screw turns to the right. (sporting). I dont like the solution with the screwdriver and therefore, its a challenge to make it simpler to work.


The adjusting screw is situated on a spot where it is not easy to reach. A couple of millimetre away from the spring and there is the effect of the screw when turning it, the screw moves inside and outside the housing. Also I have to take in consideration the wiring and frame that goes along.

Surrounding adjusting screw
1st Version

After to have finished transmission and mounted this first design, everything looks good and was functioning very well. That vanishes when I am having a trip of one week. The design was not good enough and has blocked. I dont find the cause and have to wait till I am home.

1st version

After a closer look at the transmission, I find a damaged spot on the surface.

I search further and see that when the spring is pushed in to the end, the frame below the seat touches it.

Pull cords

It was not possible to change the existing design, so I needed to design a new transmission that was smaller then the 1st one, so that frame and transmission remain free.

2nd Version

After machining the 2nd Version, a test would show if it transmission was small enough. At the back of the bike I disassembled all parts and with pull cords I tightened the spring to his end. After this test I could see that there was room left between frame and transmission. What next, a practice test. Early October (2006) we did a trip of three days, unfortunately it rained 1 day but the temperature was ok. The result of this test was positive and now I am working at the final version. In progress....


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