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Motorbike - Electrical windshield

Complete drive unit

The electrical windshield unit for the BMW K1200RS is created out of the simple fact that, such an expensive motorcycle should have this as standard. With the original manual handling, only two positions are possible. Low and high and that only when standing still.

With the electrical windshield unit, you can control this even during driving. Every position of the windshield is possible, so that persons with different shapes can find an optimal position.

Real time film

To find out if the principle would work, the first prototype was made and tried out in 2002. In the beginning of 2003 the first functional model was created and practical used. There where still a few things to improve, witch leads to the present model. With satisfaction this model is used in 2004 and 2005.

Available room

End 2002, studying the possibility to make an electrically driven windshield, it was clear why BMW never had made such a unit. The room to mount such a unit is small, especially between the headlight and the dashboard; in that area there are cables as well.

Drive rod

To create more room and to protect the cables, a cover is mounted under the dashboard. The drive shaft, connecting the driving unit to the existing rod can move without damaging something. In the drive shaft is a coupling provided, trough this coupling the shape of the headlight can be followed.

Assembly driving unit

With the assembly of all the parts who are necessary to control the windshield electrically, there is no harm done to the motorcycle. Al parts are clamped or the existing screw thread is used.


The fastening of the drive unit to the BMW framework is accomplished at the front and at the bottom of the unit. The hinge-block what is connected to the drive shaft is mounted at the existing rod, witch moves the windshield.


After assembly it is necessary to adjust the drive unit, so that it will stop automatically at the lowest and highest point of the windshield. This is easy to do, with the bottom of the drive unit situated adjustable screws.

Electrical connections

The power supply of the unit is realised by making a connection to parking light.

The unit is executed with a fuse, which can be reached from the outside.

Control switch

The control switch is placed on the most ergonomically place at the left handle. It is attached, making use of the existing screw thread. The control switch is provide with clear symbols and is easily to use with gloves.

Control switch
No difference

All parts of the unit are not in sight. The only difference, it shows the control switch.

Integrated drive unit
Front K1200RS

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