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Motorbike - Driving mirror

Direction indicator units

When you take a look at the shape of the units of the direction indicator, you can imagine that the BMW designers had planned a driving mirror at the back. Probable they have thought that the handles were within sight, or it would be too expensive and they have decided to mount standard driving mirrors on the handle bars.

Existing situation
Fitting driving mirror

This solution annoys me for years and therefore I decided to design driving mirrors that where in line with the bike. The mirrors follow the shape of the driving mirrors units and are watertight mounted in a synthetic housing.


At the bottom the mirror has a hinge-joint that is mounted with two screws M4 to the direction indicator unit. At the back of the mirror a bracket is mounted to make sure there are no vibrations.


This bracket is also mounted to make the mirror gradually vertical adjustable, up and down.

The hinge-joint is also adjustable, but in this case for the horizontal movement, from the inside to the outside.


The mirrors are adjustable in the optimal position and that gives a good visibility to the rear. To have a good view at both sides of the motorbike, I did stick a blind spot mirror (round 35 mm) on the outer position.

Left side

Stationary there is a little vibration, when driving there is no vibration at all. There is no influence however, when driving at full speed. The advantage is a better looking bike and without the original mirrors there is less turbulence.

Cover for handle bars

When the original driving mirrors are not be used, there remain a hole where it was mounted. With a 12mm circular piece of synthetic, what is machined in the form of the bars, it can be replaced.


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