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Motorbike - Cruise control

Cruise control Eagle

When driving a long time your throttle hand or wrist will get tired. To prevent this, a cruise control will help.

Necessary parts

This simple electro mechanical cruise control can be bought at Conrad NL and it is named Eagle. It is simple to mount, cheap ( 19,95) and works very well.

Mounting in left body part

To fix the unit, a bracket has to be made. This bracket will be glued in the left body part. The cable of the cruise control can be fit into the handle bar, there is an extra connection. The unit can be switched off electrically, by connecting the unit to the brake light.


To switch on the cruise control, you need to move a little handel on the unit. This handel also is needed for fine tuning the speed. The unit can be switched off by pushing a red button on the unit or by lighten the brake light.

Elec. cable from brake light
Ready for use

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