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Watersport - Pumps


There are many pumps used in the water sports. A company where you get answers on many questions in this area is Pompdirect. Independent advice of different producers of pumps, for delivery, service and repair from all kind of type. Website: www.pompdirect.nl

Flygt submersible pump

Searching for submersible pumps for wastewater use, you will find a company what is very succesful in pumps, mixers and fluid handling technology. This is world leader ITT Flygt. Website: www.flygtpompen.nl

Hydrostal submersible pump

An other big player in the market of submersible pumps for wastewater is the inventor of the screwcentrifugal impeller, the Swiss company named Hidrostal. The screwcentrifugal impeller of Hydrostal is used in wastewater with big particals where lot of centrifugal pumps will bloc. Website: www.Hydrostal.nl

A Dutch manufacturer who is well known for his submersible pumps is ITT Robot Pumps. Used for wastewater and building construction, ITT Robot Pompen from Alphen a/d Rijn is known for many years. Robot Pumps is a member of the ITT pump group and make use of the many sales offices around the world. Website: www.robotpompen.nl

Robot submersible pump
Emu submersible pump

A company who has his roots in Germany, is EMU pumps. They where one of the first manufacturers who developed a submersible e-motor for there clean water pumps. EMU Pumps is part of Wilo Pumps and pumps who are made by the former EMU factory are now sold as Wilo EMU. They have invented a pump system what is used in wastewater and is named Emuport. Website: www.emupompen.nl

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