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Aquatic sports - Jetty anchor

Jetty anchor with carbine hook

When you moor your boat at a pier, there often is nothing there to tie your rope on. To be flexible and to tie the rope there where you want, the Jetty Anchor is developed.

In action

This Jetty Anchor is made out of one-piece material; both sides have the shape of an anchor. On each side a whole is drilled, that can be used for connecting a carbine hook or a rope. The principle is easy, stick one side between two planks and turn it for 90 now there is a fixed connection to the pier. It is possible to connect the rope in line or diagonally.

Tool to open tanks
Tool to open tanks

Also is on each side an extra tool fixed, with this extra tool a water or fuel tank can be opened.

This product received a HISWA award

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