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Aquatic sports - Movable screen Wiper


A lot of small boats are not equipped with a screen wiper. Even though, it will rain once in a while. Therefore a movable touch free screen wiper is developed, named Rotavision. This can be used on every place where you need a screen wiper.

The Rotavision is made of transparent synthetic and exist of an outer ring that, with suckers, is placed on the screen. In this outer ring a disc, with a smooth surface at the front and with blades at the back, is turning. This is driven by a 12 Volt electromotor.


The rain spatters at the rotating disc and trough to the centrifugal powers the rain will splash away. At the back there is an air lock because the blades will generate a blow.

A good visibility is the result. When its stops raining the Rotavision can be taken off and stowed away.

Rotavision in action

This product received a HISWA award

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