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Aquatic sports - Jetski storage

JETSKI STORAGE Yamaha Superjet

To bring along a Yamaha Jetski on an 8 meter (25.5 ft) long motorboat is not easy; storage has to be developed. It had to be simple, with as less as possible influence on the boat, including the affect on shape of the boat.

Jetski on brackets

On the stern are two brackets fixed, on these the Jetski will come to rest. These brackets use the same fastening holes that where used for the original grips that where mounted.


On the stern are also two brackets mounted were the dismountable and revolving davit can be placed in. The davit exist out of a rod and a triangle with winch, witch can be put away in the boat.

The Jet Ski is in a few minutes in or out of the water. Due to the mounting system with the brackets, the centre op gravity of the Jetski is very low. Therefore it stay’s on his spot with dash of the waves or with high speed.

Boat with Jetski
High speed

This product received a HISWA award

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